Mother Earth provides the natural ingredients.

InTerra’s highly concentrated patented formulations are derived from

scientifically proven methodologies.  






Our Markets

Active Lifestyles

Not just for professional athletes, InTerra serves everyone in need of comfort for various skin conditions, joint and muscle aches, inflammation and recovery.


Finally, there is a muscle recovery formulation comprised of all-natural ingredients that is not only highly effective but portable enough for use during an event.


InTerra produces muscle recovery formulations are portable enough for use in every application required.

Our Certifications & Associations 

IEE/ISBEE Certified
“Buy Indian Act”

The Buy Indian Act (25 USC 47) provides the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) with the authority to set-aside procurement contracts for Indian-owned and controlled businesses.

System for Award Management

APS is an approved contractor of SAM and is eligible for contracts and grants with Government Agencies and the Military.


Native American Contractor Association

APS continually seeks to preserve and enhance the rights of Native enterprises in government contracting as well as advocate for policies and build strong alliances with minority and non-minority organizations with similar goals.

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