Our Company

Our Purpose

To optimize all-natural ingredients, sourced from Mother Earth, into highly concentrated formulas promoting well-being and comfort.

We Are

As a leader in Functional Ingredients and Formulations, InTerra (meaning “of the earth”) designs, creates and produces highly concentrated formulations and products targeted to the specific design use of the intended audience. Those markets include: Active Lifestyles, Sports Enthusiasts, Elite Athletes, and Members of the Military. 

We Offer

InTerra specifically unifies a harmony between science and nature into both of our business units: Formulation and Products.

First, as a formulator, we are centered on highly concentrating anti-inflammatory properties into our all-natural ingredients.  Our patented formulation is scientifically proven as ideal for issues related to muscle recovery and for addressing other anti-inflammatory concerns.  Our patented formulation can be easily incorporated into any food or beverage, and it is available in unique and extremely portable delivery systems.

Secondly, InTerra has commercialized a professional product line of finished goods that are well-suited for private label applications.  Our private label division can incorporate custom formulations to meet any design specification or serve as an enhancement to existing products.

All of our formulations are created based on stringent scientific processes, control measures, and authentic, ground-breaking methodologies.  The performance and benefits are validated by independent studies, universities, and institutions from around the world, which paved the way for patents in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Our History

Founded in 2004 as Cerise Nutraceuticals, the company focused on developing products based on natural ingredients.  Following years of research and development, Cerise created innovative therapeutic lotions, creams, serums and capsules that were offered commercially.  This innovation led to the discovery of the synergistic ingredients required to meet design goals and patent approvals in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. These highly acclaimed products were created, produced domestically, and sold nationally.

Late in 2016, the company was acquired by the Native American tribe the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians based in Manistee Michigan, and Cerise was then re-branded and re-named InTerra Nutraceuticals.  From the original products, these highly acclaimed offerings provided the foundation for new opportunities and accelerated growth in the wellness market on a global scale.  The vision of the tribe and new management group was to fast-track the launch of completely re-designed legacy products that were refined and improved. The tribe further challenged the team to create highly valued formulations not offered in the marketplace previously.  Challenge fulfilled, InTerra now produces revolutionary, functional ingredients and formulations for the food and beverage industry offered in a variety of applications and delivery systems.

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