Spring Into Healthy, Glowing Skin

You probably already know that you should moisturize your skin regularly and that it is always a better choice to use all-natural products when doing so - you're a smart cookie!

Did you also know that InTerra's patented formulation contains healthy skin promoting ingredients like Emu oil, antioxidant-rich tart cherries, and Omegas 3-6-9?

Check out all the benefits of these SUPER INGREDIENTS!

Emu Oil

Talk about moisturizing! Emu oil is a natural oil that directly prevents water loss from the skin and keeps it plump. This oil also has palmitic acid which helps inflammation and boosts collagen production. Pain from fibromyalgia? Studies have shown that increased collagen production potentially reduces neuropathic pain.

Tart Cherry

The antioxidant properties found in Tart Cherry can be linked to decreased swelling. Say goodbye to tired puffy skin! Tart Cherry was also found to reduce joint pain and disability, making it a great topical moisturizer.

Omega 3-6-9

It’s no secret that Omega 3’s have multiple benefits to both the skin and within. Studies have suggested that Omega fatty acids can increase ‘good’ cholesterol which in turn can reduce blood pressure. Some studies also suggest they can also decrease symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Omega can also help your skin’s defense against sun exposure. No more premature wrinkles!

Since Spring is finally here, why not start moisturizing with healthy, all-natural products to get glowy for Summer? See our product line here:

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