Science Meets Nature

Healing Begins When Science and Nature

Work in Harmony


InTerra Products are created for health-conscious consumers who seek safe and natural products for consumer health issues.  Created primarily from highly concentrated 100% natural tart cherries, ultra-refined Emu oil and Omega 3-6-9 sourced from cold-water mercury free fish oil, our synergistic formula provides natural therapeutic benefits.  Non-allergenic, paraben free, responsibly sourced, sustainable & certified.


University Tested

InTerra's ingredient base are being researched at Central Michigan University in conjunction with the Field Neurosciences Institute for their efficacy in the treatment of disorders such as Parkinson's, Huntington's, and Alzheimer's (AD).  Initial results look promising:  findings suggest the potential to serve as an adjunctive treatment which may help reduce the severity of cognitive deficits in disorders involving cholinergic deficits, such as AD.

University Tested

Intermolecular Therapy

Nanocosmetology is the emerging field of using nanotechnology-- the manipulation of atoms and molecules in the nanoscale (80,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair)-- for the purposes of protecting skin, preventing aging, and delivering nutrients or medicine to more layers of skin cells.  These intermolecular interactions actually allow nanoparticles to merge with the membranes of skin cells. 

There are more than 20 patents in conjunction with Emu Oil as a carrier for antifungal, antibacterial, & antiviral medications-- even sunscreen; as an analgesic, anesthetic, and antipruritic; for stimulating skin growth, anti-wrinkle, anti-itch, skin repair and more, including anti-inflammatory properties and effects on the neonatal skin barrier. 



Time Honored Tradition

Our ancestors had their own methods of healing, given to them by the Creator, using plants and other natural elements. In fact, many medicines widely used today are derived from plants, nutrient-rich foods, & essential oils in nature. Even today science is still uncovering the beneficial role for human health found in common ingredients that help the body to heal and prevent disease by removing toxins from the body; nourishing body tissues; facilitating the metabolism of fats, proteins, cholesterol, & carbohydrates; enhancing cell division & replication; reducing inflammation; relieving the pain of arthritis; facilitating digestion, liver, kidney, gallbladder, & lymphatic function; helping the body maintain healthy tissues and recover from damage more quickly. 

Today many of these natural cures are well-known and accepted.


Natural, Really! 

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has considered the term 'natural' to mean that nothing artificial or synthetic-- including color additives-- has been included in or has been added. The dictionary definition of natural is something that exists in or is derived from nature-- not made or caused by humans.  What natural means to InTerra is simple: using the ingredients supplied by Mother Earth to help humankind, with as little human interference as possible.   InTerra is proud of our 100% natural cherry extract, responsibly sourced emu oil, and Omega 3-6-9 sourced from cold water mercury free fish oil.