“As a massage therapist for the last 23 years, I have searched for the best products for my patients and myself, trying countless lotions, oils, pain relieving creams, etc.. After using InTerra Therapeutic Body Lotion and InTerra Head & Body Serum, I consider them both highly effective and among the very best products I've ever used. My patients love them too, which is important to me. Thank you InTerra!” Massage therapist, Ralph. G


“I wish to inform you of the wonderful therapeutic benefits I have received from your line of therapeutic lotions.  They are most helpful with my muscle and joint pain secondary to my neuropathy.  Keep up the great work and please keep developing new products for the Nutraceuticals.” Dr. Elliott l. G.


"I have been using a prescription from my doctor to relieve the symptoms of psoriasis, which are scaling and redness on my arms.  I try to use as many natural or homeopathic remedies as possible.  I stopped the prescription and decided to use the lotion.  I use it on a daily basis and have not had to use the prescription product again.   I am delighted with this product and recommend others try it.” Judy L.


“I was originally diagnosed with guttate psoriasis about 12 years ago.  It is considered a moderate case, not severe; however it is widespread and periodically more acute.  I have recently been using a line of products (that)...combines the antioxidants extracted from tart cherries and kalaya (emu) oil.  It is the best moisturizing product I have ever used for tough spots on elbows, knees, and torso.  I noticed a significant difference in plaque volume and appearance within a few days and it has allowed me to drastically reduce the amount of Ultravate and Dovonex I have been using with mixed success for twelve years....  I’m very pleased with these products.” Paul L.


“After 24 years of gettting five to six migraines a month, I have used many over-the-counter medicines which did not touch the pain, pain meds which only help to ‘Sleep’ the headache off, and Imtrex [a prescription medication] which also has side effects.  The Head & Body serum is the only thing that helps the pain.  Please let as many migraine sufferers as possible try this product for themselves.  It works without all the negative side effects of oral medications.” Kathy B. 


“I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia several years ago.  I have been on several prescription and over-the-counter medications to try and alleviate the symptoms of pain and sleeplessness.  They all left me feeling like a zombie or made me feel worse in one way or another.  Within two weeks of starting... I started to notice a significant change in my sleep pattern.  I was getting a good solid four to six hours of restful sleep each night.  That is a huge change from the 20-30 minutes I was getting before starting the product.  After about a month, I started to notice that the constant aches and pains I was having were greatly diminished and I’m now getting six to eight hours of sleep.  For the first time in a number of years, I have enough energy to take a walk every day.  I can’t remember the last time I had energy levels like I now have.  My husband was so impressed with the product that he is now taking it for his Arthritis.  Our doctor was also very impressed with the improvements we are showing.  Both of our blood pressure and cholesterol levels have decreased significantly.  I would certainly recommend... to everyone!”-- Dessie Z.


“In our staff room at Suttons Bay Dental Center, we always have had several containers of hand lotions to help reduce the irritation of frequent washing with disinfection soaps.  In recent months, (your) hand lotions have become our favorite because they soothe hand irritation so well and also leave no residue that interferes with putting gloves on right away.  I have found that I can use about a quarter the amount of our other lotions, about twice a day, even in the dry winter season.“  - John H., DDS


“I’ve been using three Cerise Nutraceutical products and can attest to each of them.  I started using the Hand & Body lotion after hearing a presentation about the benefits to my skin, sure enough; a long standing rash on my neck was reduced by 90%.  Next, I tried the Joint & Muscle lotion.  Rubbed the lotion into my elbow.  For three years I’ve experienced pain in my right elbow; partly caused from the computer mouse; and partly caused from my favorite sport, golf.  The pain had been so bad, twice a year during golf season I’ve had injections of cortisone; during the winter months my arm was kept as immobile as possible for recovery.  Also, I’ve had to switch the use of the mouse to my left hand.  This Joint & Muscle lotion reduced the pain in my elbow after the third day!  Where have you been these last few years???     I’m very appreciative of using a natural product with no side effects, thank you for improving my quality of life.”-- Jim H.


“I am 80 years old and live alone.  I have developed hammer toes on both feet and my knees are so bad that I will have to have surgery on my one knee soon.  The pain in my feet and knees has caused me to be unable to walk or even get out of my chair sometimes without great effort and a lot of pain. My brother was aware of my situation and called me a couple of weeks ago and asked if I would try something if he would send it to me.   I began to use it(Joint & Muscle Lotion) as soon as I received it and in two days my toes began to relax and my knees started to feel better.  Within a week, my left foot had straightened right out and I could take my toes on my right foot (the bad one) and lay it out straight.  My knees were feeling much better.  I could actually stand and walk across the room without the unbearable pain.  I called my brother and told him to get in there and get some more of these products for me.…more relief than anything I’ve ever used before… I am passing the word on to my daughter who suffers from migraines and fibromyalgia."-- Lou O.